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Weekly Pool Services

AquaDoc Pools of Charlotte offers professional weekly and bi-weekly swimming pool services throughout Charlotte, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas that take the hassle out of enjoying your pool and spa. Our professional swimming pool technicians will keep your pool and spa sparkling clean, clear, and healthy. We provide routine cleaning and chemical maintenance while monitoring for leaks, equipment malfunctions, and other problems. The early detection and elimination of complications with your swimming pool can reduce the risk and frustration of unexpected repair costs. Our experienced technicians are certified to install, repair and replace all equipment. AquaDoc Pools of Charlotte can help upgrade existing features and winterize your pool in the off-season. Less time spent worrying about swimming pool maintenance allows for more time spent with friends and family indulging in the fun and relaxation of your pool. Below is a brief description of what you can expect from our Charlotte area weekly pool services.

Weekly Pool Services:

Monitor & Balance Water Chemistry

We maintain proper pH, chlorine and/or salt levels which protects your pool’s surfaces and enhances water clarity and purity.

Debris Removal

We vacuum your pool and spa bottoms regularly of unsightly debris, helping to manage your water cleanliness and relieving the strain on your filtration equipment.

Clean Skimmer Baskets & Automatic Pool Vacuums

We clean all of your skimmer baskets, pump baskets and pool cleaner bags to help prevent waste from entering your filter, thereby improving water circulation and filter function.

Inspect All Pool Equipment

Our experienced technicians can detect leaks and equipment malfunctions thereby decreasing the risk of potential damage and costly repairs to your swimming pool and spa.

Backwash the Filter

We will backwash your filter as needed to maintain optimal filtration, circulation and water clarity.

We have over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience servicing the greater Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. Our experienced technicians manage time-consuming swimming pool maintenance for you, so you have more time to spend relaxing and enjoying your pool & spa. AquaDoc Pools of Charlotte’s expert staff will handle all your weekly pool cleaning and maintenance needs. Our certified technicians can assist with any repairs and the installation of all major manufacturer equipment such as pumps, filters and heaters.  Let us help your swimming pool reach its full potential for relaxation and fun! Contact us at or call us today at (704) 363-8032 for professional, weekly pool services throughout the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas.

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